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Our software solutions are designed for utmost productivity, minimizing efforts, time and energy to keep users focused for maximum efficiency.


One of our primary mission is to make efficient software solution affordable. Our reasonable and highly competitive cost is what gives us the edge over competitors.


Our software solutions are designed for flexibility in that it can accommodate additional requirement and future expansion and as your business progresses, the software gives room for expansion, modification and upgrade.

Frequent Update

With our engineers always working to give clients utmost satisfaction, you are guaranteed frequent updates to improve your experience.

Technical Support

With PCI Nigeria, you're guaranteed lifetime technical support on any of our services.


With our standard event logging algorithm, users of our software solutions become more accountable and efficient.

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Our Main Services

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Web Application

We build extremely user friendly cross-platform web applications that automate your business and increase efficiency and accountability.

Mobile Application

Connect with your clients on the go with scalable android and ios apps that deliver with speed and security.

Internet Of Things

With our specially trained engineers and programmers, armed with adruino kits and raspberry pi, we specialize in building intelligent electronic systems to provide solutions in businesses and in homes.


PCI Nigeria is a college for young programmers to become the very best they can be. With readily available resources and highly skilled programmers.

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